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Home teams successful in the AHL quarterfinals

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Sonntag, 11.März 2018 - 7:07 - Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935, Rittner Buam, HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice and FBI VEU Feldkirch celebrated home-wins in Quarterfinal 3. All four clubs are leading in their Alps Hockey League Playoff series as well.

Sat, 10.03.2018: HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice (3) vs. HK SZ Olimpija (6) 5:0 (1:0,4:0,0:0)
HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice was the chief on the ice in period 1 (12:5-shots). Urban Sodja’s Power Play goal gave the Steel Citizens a 1:0-lead in minute 9. In period 2, the „Red Steelers“ were on fire infront of 3.100 fans in Jesenice: Gasper Glavic (24.), Tadej Cimzar (30.), Luka Basic (38.) and Cimzar (40./pp) with his second goal made it a 5:0 advantage for the Steel Citizens. The guests from Ljubljana had their chances as well, but Jesenice goalie Clarke Saunders allowed no goal. Quarterfinal number 3 was decided after 40 minutes, so each team had the chance to save some energy in period 3 for the next derby in Ljubljana on Tuesday. HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice has won Quarterfinal number 3 at home 5:0 and is leading in the best-of-seven-series 3:0.

Sat, 10.03.2018: FBI VEU Feldkirch (4) vs. HC Pustertal Wölfe (5) 4:3/OT (0:0,2:0,1:3,1:0)
The goalies Alex Caffi and Thomas Tragust allowed no goals in the first half of the game. Then one goal after the other followed: Kevin Puschnik netted two goals within 100 seconds and gave his team a 2:0-lead. Kristof Reinthaler potted the 3:0 in a Power Play early in the third period. HC Pustertal Wolves did not give up and responded offensively (22 shots in period 3). It paid off: The Italians tied the game with three late goals scored by Hofer (57.), Jacques (58.) and Ringrose (59.). In the Overtime Martin Mairitsch potted the Game Winner for FBI VEU Feldkirch in minute 66. The VEU is leading in the best-of-seven-series 2:1.

Sat, 10.03.2018: Rittner Buam (2°) vs. Red Bull Hockey Juniors (7°) 4:1 (1:0; 1:0; 2:1)
Markus Spinell was absent for the home team, while Dario Winkler was absent for the visitors. The game began with a phase of study, then the "Buam" increased the pace as they controlled the game. When missing two minutes to the end of the first period the hosts passed deservedly ahead. Thomas Spinell served Kevin Fink, who beat Daniel Fießinger for 1: 0. For the 19-year-old Renon's promise, which tonight played in the third line of attack in place of Markus Spinell, was the second goal of the season. In the central period the music didn’t change. The formation of coach Lehtonen continued to dictate the pace. Once again Kevin Fink scored 2: 0. After 40 minutes the player of Italian Under 20 team decided the game. During the last drittel nothing happened until 51.43, when Christof Wappis went to the penalty bench. The "Buam" took just 18 seconds to score the third goal. The Swedish center Victor Ahlström exceeded Fießinger for 3: 0. Two minutes later Nicolas Strodel realizes 3: 1. At 14 seconds from the final whistle Thomas Spinell fixed he final for 4: 1. The Ritten earned the second success in a row as they led for the first time in this series playoff against Salzburg for 2:1.

Sat, 10.03.2018: Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935 (1) vs. WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan (8) 4:1 (0:1; 3:0; 1:0)
After the injury in the 2th game of quarter final, the center of the first line, Ben Duffy, was absent in the roster of Sterzing that found the comeback of Daniel Maffia. In the first period the game was very balanced and very hard fought with two teams playing openly. After 15 minutes the Broncos, after a post of Kofler, took the lead thanks to Luca Felicetti who exceeded Cloutier after a lost puck by the opponents. In the second period the Asiago returned to dominate in attack. After just 31 seconds Marco Rosa made a draw in powerplay with a backhand shot. Then the home team gained more confidence and after three minutes arrive the advantage of the yellowread team. Federico Pace deflected in the net a nice wrist shot from Marco Rosa. The Asiago insisted in attack zone: Anthony Bardaro realized 3: 1. During the second-period final the game became a real battle with many penalties. In the third time the Broncos fell in double numerical inferiority after 28 seconds thanks to the goal of Marco Rosa. The game was still fought until the final whistle. The Asiago won 4: 1 as they led the quarter final series for 3: 0. The only negative note for the yelloread team was the probable injury of the captain, Federico Benetti, who came out at the beginning of the second period.

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