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Bolzano with comeback, Dornbirn beats Capitals again

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Sonntag, 17.Dezember 2017 - 9:12 - The Dornbirn Bulldogs celebrated an overtime win against the Vienna Capitals for the second time within one week. The HCB Südtirol Alperia capture the first road-win since October, after trailing 0:3 against Fehervar.

Comeback-win of Foxes at Fehervar
The game started better for the Hungarians as they got in the lead already in the second minute, Manavian got the puck in the offensive zone and shot went into the net. This gave momentum to Fehervar and they scored again fast, Jeff LoVecchio put the puck in the net from close. The referees used the video goal judge system but decided that the goal was valid. Right after the goal, Marchetti fouled, and although Koger and co. played well five on four, they didn’t score. In the middle of the period, Harty and Angelidis both had to sit in the penalty box, which went better for the guests, Halmo scored after a breakaway. One minute later the difference was only a goal as Sounti passed to Egger who shot in the upper right corner. Fehervar answered with numerous attacks, finally the puck was in the net again but after long reviewing the referees decided for no goal as the puck went in from LoVecchio’s gloves. For te remaining time both parties had their chances and the period ended with a penalty on Fehervar’s side, Palin got 2 minutes.

The second period started on the powerplay for Fehervar and just after 15 seconds of the puckdrop, Oleksuk tied the game. After the goal, penalty came after penalty, first Petan, then Luttinen had to sit in the penalty box. Fehervar was more active four on five, Uotila threatened and on the other end, Carruth had to save Oleksuk’s shot. After a short Fehervar dominance, Bolzano started to play better but Carruth saved all shots. Fehervar attacked five on three because first DeSousa, then Halmo fouled and despite Harty and LoVecchio’s shots and Manavian’s blueliners the result remained 3-3.

At the beginning of the third period, Erdely found Gilbert open, then Luttinen and Stipsicz were both close to scoring. After that, Bolzano dominated the game, Gander threatened, but Carruth saved. After that, Bolzano scored, Sointu scored after a pass from the side. The minutes after the Bolzano lead went by without big chances on either side. Frank fouled and the Hungarians scored on the powerplay , Luttinen deflected Hari’s shot well. Just 27 seconds left in the game Bolzano used a mistake from Fehervar and Micelli scored. Järvenpää used his timeout, pulled his goalie but his team didn’t manage to tie the game and he Italians got the three points.

Bulldogs defeat Caps again
Only six days after the win of the Bulldogs in Vienna they repeated the story again. But at the very beginning of the game the Caps proofed their offensive qualities. Peter Schneider opened the scoring after a beautiful combination. The Caps kept pressuring but the Bulldogs managed to defuse the offensive power. Sean McMonagle tied the game with a slap-shot in the first period, but the Caps controlled the game. The Bulldogs came better into the game in the second period. Despite of good chances the hosts couldn’t score. The caps had some good chances with their breakaways. In the 48th minute Ziga Pance tricked J.P. Lamoureux with a beautiful move and captured the lead. The answer of the Caps came quick. Pollastrone tied the game again and brought the his team into Overtme. It was again Matt Fraser who found the decision and captured the two points for the Bulldogs.

Fehervar AV19 – HCB Südtirol Alperia 4:5 (3:2, 0:1, 1:2)
Referees: Nikolic M., Siegel, Seewald, Gatol
Goals AVS: Manavian (2.), Lovecchio (4.), Hari (8.), Luttinen (53./pp)
Goals HCB: Halmo (10.), Egger (14.), Micelli (21./pp.), Sointu (47.) Micelli (60.)

Dornbirn Bulldogs – Vienna Capitals 3:2 OT (1:1, 0:0, 1:1, 1:0)
Dornbirner Messestadtion, 2.684 Zuschauer
Goals DEC: McMonagle (13.), Pance (48.), Fraser (62.)
Goals VIC: Schneider (4.), Pollastrone (51.)

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