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EBEL victories for Bolzano and Zagreb

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Mittwoch, 01.November 2017 - 7:32 - The KHL Mdevesczak Zagreb won against HC Orli Znojmo with 1:0. Goalie Kevin Pouin shined. The HCB Südtirol Alperia won after a strong second period against the Black Wings.

Zagreb won a low scoring game
Olri Znojmo were poised to come to Zagreb after almost 4 years for a win, they left with a single goal in net and no points. Few rounds back Medveš?ak took points in overtime but tonight one goal was enough. Tonight's game once again proved that a goalie is half a team and that a that goalie is 90% of one. First and third period were goalless and in second there was Netiks masterpiece. Poulin was a star of the game, and neither of Znojmos stars and scorers were able to penetrate his defence. First period started with testing on both sides, where Medveš?ak went on the defensive side. Chances were plenty on both sides with ever threatening Yellow Horn from the Czech team. In second period Medveš?ak noted that Znojmos goalie was a bit worse on getting back to his feet. Netik was on point and a one timer from Koudelka and Balej went over Schwartz's shoulder for one nil home team. From there on Medveš?ak was in lead and Znojmo just couldn't score on Poulin. Third period alone had 22 shots on him and Medveš?ak managed to shoot for mere six times while the crowd went wild. First shutout of the year, first for Poulin and third in a row in a six point game, another home win for the Bears.

Bozen celebrates 4:2 success over Black Wings
After only 49 seconds the Black Wings opened the scoring. Dan DaSilva reacted the quickest and scored the first goal of the night. In the following both teams had a couple of chances but no more goals. The second period started with two chances for Linz. The third chance of Linz was the second goal of the night, DaSilva scored. Then Bozen started the comeback, Oleksuk scored for the 1:2 and Angelidis tied the game agains. Still in the second period DeSousa scored a rebound for the first lead of Bozen on this night. In the final period the hosts concentrated on defending the close lead, with success. Three minutes before the end Olkesuk brought the decision.

KHL Medvesczak Zagreb - HC Orli Znojmo 1:0 (0:0, 1:0, 0:0)
Goal MZA: Netik (22./pp)

HCB Südtirol Alperia – EC Black Wings Linz 4:2 (0:1, 3:1, 1:0)
Goals HCB: Oleksuk (29., 57./pp) Angelidis (30.), DeSousa (36./pp),
Goals BWL: DaSilva (1., 27.)

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