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Asiago defeats Jesenice in a close game

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Donnerstag, 25.Januar 2018 - 6:02 - In the top duel between Asiago Hockey and Jesenice the Italians confirmed their number one position and captured a close 4:3 success. A strong opening period brought Asiago on the road of success.

esenice immediately skated strong putting in difficulty an Asiago that minutes after minutes managed to stem the speed of Slovenian guests. The home team made the first goal after 15 minutes, when Michele Stevan took advantage of a mistake of Clarke Saunders. A few minutes pass and the doubling of Asiago arrived: Anthony Bardaro was able to conclude in a winning way a nice service of Rosa. In the second period the Asiago controlled the initial situation to the best suffering little on opposing flurries and going back to sign after 29 minutes with a nice shot of Rosa's wrist that left no way out to Saunders. Two minutes later Giulio Scandella serving a nice puck for Gellert, ready to put the puck where the goalie opponent couldn’t got. On 4-0 Saunders went out. Mark Vlahovic entered like a new goalkeeper of the guests. Svetina collected a rebound granted by Cloutier and hit for Jesenice. In the third time the Slovenians, however, did not gave up and when they played in numerical superiority, Cimzar scored in the traffic. Then Jesenice made the third goal with Kalan as they reopened the match. In the final minutes Jesenice put a lot of pressure but Asiago closed well. For Asiago it was the 15th consecutive victory for a new AHL record. Now the Asiago leaded the AHL with 5 points ahead of the Renon.

Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935 – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 4:3 (2:0; 2:1; 0:2)
Goals Asiago: 1:0 Stevan (15./SH1/Nigro-Pietroniro); 2:0 Bardaro (17./Pace-Rosa); 3:0 Rosa (29./Casetti-Magnabosco); 4:0 Gellert (31./Scandella-Benetti);
Goal JES: 4:1 Svetina (36./Piispanen-Kalan); 4:2 Cimzar (49./Tavzelj-Glavic); 4:3 Kalan (53./LoganUrukalo);

Quelle:red/Erste Bank Eishockey Liga

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