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AHL Top 3 with important victories

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Sonntag, 17.Dezember 2017 - 9:09 - In the Alps Hockey League the Top 3 - Leader Rittner Buam, Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935 (2) and HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice (3) - celebrated wins on Saturday. Besides HC Neumarkt Riwega, EK Zeller Eisbären and Sportivi Ghiacchio Cortina Hafro were successful.

Sat, 16.12.2017: HK SZ Olimpija – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 0:3 (0:0,0:2,0:1)
In front of 2.020 fans a third installment of the big Slovenian derby took place at Hala Tivoli. Knowing that after defeats in first two games only a win would keep them in contention with the steelers the green dragons put everything at Clarke Saunders. But Jesenice keeper always had an answer ready saving 18 shots in opening period. On the other side Robert Kristan only had to make 4 saves. After intermission Jesenice got into the rhythm as well. Halfway through the game the deadlock got broken. From behind the net Luka Basic feed in front to to Adis Alagic and the latest signing for the steelers netted his first goal with an onetimer. Gal Koren had a great chance to make it all even but he failed to beat Saunders. When Crt Snoj took a hooking and Maks Selan a delay of game penalty the visitors got a two men advantage. And they made it count in 16 seconds. Near the left post Markus Piispanen was left with an easy finish. Before the final break Andrej Hebar missed another solo break. Olimpija did everything to get back in the game. But in 50th minute the dragons made a mistake. Miha Logar intercepted the puck and finished the breakaway in style. Clarke Saunders continued his stellar performance and ended up with a total of 40 saves for his forth shutout of the season. All of them were recorded away.

Sat, 16.12.2017: Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935 - WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 4:2 (1:1; 1:0; 2:1)
The hosts recovered Alex Gellert after a long injury. Giffen Nyren and Daniel Erlacher were absent for Sterzing. The first half is fairly balanced. A few occasions on the two sides of the rink except for the first few minutes of play. Michael Sullivan scored the first goal of the match with a shot from the blue. Then the Vipiteno equalized: after Michael Messner's shot, there was the winning rebound of Tobias Kofler. Then during the first half there were many penalties but neither team could take advantage. In the second half the Asiago minute after minute grew in the pace as they created some different occasions. The goal of the hosts' advantage come, however, two minutes from the end of the central period with Davide Dal Sasso in powerplay. In the third time the Broncos equalized with Ben Duffy at the end of a long action. Then the home team found the rhythm of the second half and they scored the third goal with Marco Rosa who deflectd a shot from Alex Gellert. Then the match arrived in the finals second of the third period: Asiago scored the fourth goal of the match with an empty net with Anthony Nigro for the 4: 2 victory and for three important points for the Yellow-red team.

Sat, 16.12.2017: HC Gherdeina valgardena.it - HC Neumarkt Riwega 1:3 (1:0; 0:1; 0:2)
The first period was certainly in the favor of the hosts who put so much pressure on the net of Daniel Morandell. The first goal of home team was signed by David Roupec. Then the maneuver of the Furies hit the defense of the guests but despite the many shots, the Gherdeina closed the first period with one goal ahead. During the second half Neumarkt foud the tie with Florian Wieser after six minutes. Then the Gherdeina missed a penalty shot and the game became more balanced. In the third period the game became also more nervous. But the Neumarkt hit with Jakub Muzik who leaded the Wild Geese for the first time after 50 minutes. The reaction of the home team didn’t produce the desired effects. The Nuemarkt in still found the goal of safety with Muzik in the final seconds of the match (3:1). The visitors came back to victory as they redeemed with the first away victory of the season at regular time after last week's defeat against Klagenfurt II.

Sat, 16.12.2017: EK Zeller Eisbären – EC „Die Adler“ Stadtwerke Kitzbühel 5:1 (2:0,2:1,1:0)
Both teams searched their luck in the offense in period 1 (12:15-shots). But while EC „Die Adler“ Stadtwerke Kitzbühel could not take advantage from their chances, the Pinzgauer were successful twice late in the first period. Also after the re-start the game was even played (7:7-shots in period two), but again the Polar Bears were more effective and they extended their lead with goals from Widen and Wilfan at halftime - 4:0. Late in the second period Gatis Sprukts could score the first goal for Kitzbühel. The guests took the momentum in period 3. Now the Eagles tried everything to come back and produced some good chances, but without success. EKZ even scored the 5:1 late in the game: Petr Vala was successful after perfect work from Widen and Herzog (59.).

Sat, 16.12.2017: Rittner Buam - HC Fassa Falcons 5:1 (2:0; 2:1; 1:0)
Andreas Alber, Max Ploner and Roland Hofer and the Under 20 Nationals Philipp Pechlaner and Kevin Fink were absent for home team. Among the guests Devin Di Diomete was absent for suspension. The "Buam" started better and after three minutes already went ahead with Tommaso Traversa. After 14 minutes the hosts hit again with Andreas Lutz. Also in the central period Ritten was to dictate the rhythm. After 40 seconds, Alex Frei scored 3:0 as he was included in the scorer list thanks to his 14th seasonal goal. After the 23rd minute Thomas Spinell had to go out for two minutes and the guests took advantage of the powerplay, shortening the distance with Samuel Francis Rothstein. After 36th the "Buam" definitely closed the match: Brad Cole turned in goal an assist from Traversa for 4:1. In the third period the Renon opened with another goal with the Swedish striker Oscar Alhström, who beat the goalkeeper Gianni Scola for the 5:1. Then Lehtonen's team controlled the match as they took home three precious points. The Ritten celebrated the twentieth victory of the season after 23 matches.

Sat, 16.12.2017: S.G. Cortina Hafro - HC Pustertal Wölfe 4:2 (2:0; 1:2; 1:0)
Some absences were registered for both teams in the match between Cortina and Pustertal. The hosts could put in the line up the disqualified Diego Iori and the injured Luca Zandonella and Luca Caletti. This was the first match for forward Derek Roehl. For Val Pusteria were absent Sean Ringrose, Daniel Erlacher and David Laner. The start of the game was very fast and without interruptions. Then minute by minute the home team grew in the pace but then the home team played two penalty killing in a row that didn’t took effect. But after 13 minutes the Cortina took the lead with Zach Torquato who made a goal during a delayed penalty call (during an action in powerplay) at the end of a well-conducted geometric action. After five minutes the home team doubled with a shot under the crossbar. In the second period was still Zach Torquato who made his hat-trick in powerplay at the opening for a Cortina that seemed to have the game in the hand. Val Pusteria changed the goalkeeper: Alexander Kinkelin entered in the game instead of Thomas Tragust. The Pustertal, however, almost from nothing, scored the first goal with a nice shot by Eric Johansson after a pass in depth by Patrick Bona. The goal changed the game and the Wolves started playing with more conviction because also the home team took some penalties. The Bruneck, in fact, completely reopened the game with the Raphael Andergassen during a powerplay and the second-half final was more fought than the first period. In the third period the game was always very hard fought. Pustertal didn’t found the draw despite 4 powerplay available. So at 22 seconds from the end, Riley Brace scored the empty goal of the final victory for 4:2 in favor of Cortina. Cortina climbed up 2 places in the standings (sixth position).

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