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Ritten climbs back to number 1 spot

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Donnerstag, 12.Oktober 2017 - 5:47 - The Rittner Buam are back on the top of the Alps Hockey League. After a 4:1 success against the EK Zeller Eisbären, the Buam surpassed Jesenice, who was free of game on this Wednesday. In the four other games, the road teams booked wins.

EC Klagenfurt II - HC Fassa Falcons 0:6
The HC Fassa Falcons booked a clear win against the EC KAC II and keep the contact to the midfield positions. Fassa had full control over the game and gatherd a 2:0 lead in the first period. The KAC struggled with a couple of penalties in the second and third period. The Falcons took good advantage of their powerplays. Buestro striked twice for the four goals lead. Heikkinen and Zanet created the result of 6:0 with further goals in the final period, also in powerplay.

EC 'Die Adler' Stadtwerke Kitzbühel - S.G. Cortina Hafro 1:2 OT
Cortina booked a close win in overtime against Kitzbühel. The EC Kitzbühel booked the better start into the game and created more chances than Cortina. But both teams couldn’t score a goal in the first period. In the beginning of the second period it was Menning who captured the lead for the guests in powerplay. The game was quite fair with less penalties. Kitzbühel presseured for the equalizer, but didn’t manage to score in the second. In the 50th minute Kitzbühel tied the game. Lenes scored after assist of Protcenko. The teams took not too much risk in the final ten minutes of the third period. The decision was taken in overtime by Manning again. With his second goal of the night he captured the two points for his team.

HC Gherdeina – WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 1:2 (0:1; 1:0; 0:1)
The only challenge between Italian teams didn’t disappoint expectations. Sterzing in the beginning seemed to rely on his ranking strength. After five minutes there was Ivan De Luca's goal for the Broncos but in reality was a great gift from the hosts. It seemed like an easy start for guests. Instead, the "Furies" gave energy to the game as they played at even against the opponents. The Gherdeina found tie with a one timer shot of Andreas Vinatzer in the final minutes of the central period. The game was very fought and balanced for a good game of regenerated Gherdeina after the new arrival of coach Pat Lefebvre. The Broncos was able to break the spell when missing five minutes to the end end with Daniel Erlacher. Broncos won for 2: 1 as the guests returning to the victory and reaching the fifth position.

HC Pustertal Wölfe - HK SZ Olimpija 2:3 SO (1:0; 0:2; 1:0; 0:0; 0:1)
The Val HC Pustertal was for the second consecutive time in the home as they challenged one of the top teams in the league without the possibility of having Gianluca March, Max Oberrauch and Thomas Erlacher. The beginning of the game was surely in favor of the Wolves that put a lot of pressure on the Slovene defense. The first goal of the match was for home team, which scored with a great shot by Maximilan Lancsar under the crossbar. After 15 minutes there was a penalty match for Danny Elliscasis after an hit. The last 4 minutes of play were in favor of the Slovenian team playing in powerplay but the result didin’t change. During the second half, however, Ljubljana controlled the good game of the hosts and then hit twice. In the middle of the game there was the draw of Crt Snoj and then after six minutes there was the advantage of Andrej Hebar. In the third time, the Wolves did not give up as they score when missed less three minutes from the end with Sean Ringrose’s powerplay goal. After a no goal in the overtime there was the victory for Ljubljana with the decisive point of Miha Zajc after the shutout. Ljubljana was now in the third position with the same points as Jesenice.

Rittner Buam - EK Zeller Eisbären 4:1 (2:1; 1:0; 1:0)
The Renon exceeded EK Zeller Eisbären as they returned to the lead of the standings. Young defender Stefan Mair debuted for the Rittner Buam and he played in the first line with captain Christian Borgatello. During the first minutes the pressure of the hosts was very strong. Victor Ahlström scored the first goal of the evening to take advantage of his team in first powerplay of the evening. Then Alex Frei scored 2:0 for the 8th goals in nine games. Then there was the reaction of the Polar Bears that halved the disadvantage with captain Franz Wilfan. But in the second half, Renon come back to the goal with Roland Hofer after few minutes in the middle. The game was now under full control by Rittner Buam. In the third time, Oscar Ahlström fixed the final score. The hosts won 4:1 as they proved to be unbeatable at home with four wins in four games.

EC Klagenfurt II - HC Fassa Falcons 0:6 (0:2, 0:1, 0:3)
Referees: KAMSEK, PODLESNIK, Bärnthaler, Markizeti
Goals FAS: Klimicek (11. Sottsass – Soracreppa), Di Diomete (14. Rothstein), Bustreo (32./pp1 Heikkinen- Castlunger, 48./pp1 Castlunger- Heikkinen), Heikkinen (50./pp2 Da Tos- Marzolini), Zanet (50./ Rothstein-
Di Diomete)

EC 'Die Adler' Stadtwerke Kitzbühel - S.G. Cortina Hafro 1:2 OT (0:0, 0:1, 1:0, 0:1)
Referees: LAZZERI, WALLNER, Piras, Tschrepitsch
Goal KEC: Lenes (50. Protcenko- Sislannikovs ),
Goals SGC: Manning (22./pp1 Caletti- Brace, 61. Brace- Caletti )

HC Gherdeina - WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 1:2 (0:1; 1:0; 0:1)
Referees: MOSCHEN, STRASSER, Cristeli, Kalb
Goal: 1:1 A.Vinatzer (38./F.Kostner);
Goals Sterzing: 0:1 I.De Luca (5./L.Felicetti); 1:2 D.Erlacher (55./Deanesi-Messner);

HC Val Pusteria Lupi - HK SZ Olimpia Lubiana 2:3 SO (1:0; 0:2; 1:0; 0:0; 0:1)
Referees: MORI, PIANEZZE, Egger, Rigoni
Goals HC Pustertal: 1:0 Lancsar (1./Andergassen-Bona); 2:2 Ringrose (57./PP1/Pance-Johansson);
Goals Olimpija: 1:1 Snoj (30./Hebar-Zorko); 1:2 Hebar (36./Selan-Uduc); 2:3 Zajc (65./SO);

Rittner Buam - EK Zeller Eisbären 4:1 (2:1; 1:0; 1:0)
Referees: OFNER, VIRTA, Bergant, Cristeli
Goals Rittner Buam: 1:0 V. Ahlström (2./PP1/S.Kostner- Borgatello); 2:0 Frei (6./Traversa- R.Hofer); 3:1 R.Hofer (22./J.Kostner); 4:1 O. Ahlström (49./S.Kostner-V.Ahlström)
Goal EK Zeller: 2:1 Wilfan (18./PP1/Scholz-Vala);

Quelle:red/Erste Bank Eishockey Liga

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