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Series of big wins in the AlpsHockey League

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Sonntag, 17.September 2017 - 9:31 - In Saturday’s eight Alps Hockey Leageu games, three teams climbed the top of the standings. The last year’s champion Rittner Buam defeated the Red Bull Hockey Juniors with 7:1. Cortina and Zell am See won their national duels and are in the chasing pack of the Rittner Buam. Also Kitzbühel stared successful into the season with a 5:0 win in their first game.

EK Zeller Eisbären – EC-KAC II 4:3
The game startet with a good speed. The guests tried to take control from the first minute and succeeded with a goal of Philipp Kreuzer. Jussi Tapio had the right answer and tied the game. In the 12th minute the hosts had their first powerplay and Christoph Herzog converted it for the lead, Luca Rodiga tied the game again, also during numerous advantage. In the second period the teams played on an even level. Philipp Kreuzer succeeded with his second goal of the day for the lead. In the last period Zell had the better start and took control again. In the 47th minute it was Schernthaner who tied the game. The game was open again and both teams deliverd a tough battle. Petr Vala brought the decision for the EK Zeller Eisbären 3 minutes before the end.

EC Bregenzerwald - HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 0:3
The Slovenian guests started with high energy into the game and created good chances. After a short period of acclimatisation, also Bregenzerwald started to be dangerous. But the first goal was scored by Pispanen for Jesenice, after a perfect assist of Magovac. After Bregenzerwald killed a powerplay, Logar increased the lead to 2:0. In the first powerplay situation for Bregenzerwald, the Austrians put a lot of pressure towards the goal of Jesenice, still without success. In the second period Jesenice started energized again and increased the lead after only 23 seconds. Goal getter was again Pispanen. Daniel Ban succeeded with a nice solo, but didn’t manage to overcome Saunders. Bregenzerwald kept on increasing pressure, but Saunders proofed his reflexes. Jesenice managed to play the time and won by 3:0. It was the first win of the Slovenians this season.

EC 'Die Adler' Stadtwerke Kitzbühel - HK Olimpija Ljubljana 5:0 (1:0, 2:0, 2:0)
The EC Kitzbühel booked a very successful start into the new season. Already in their first game – they were free of play in the first round – they booked a 5:0 success over HK Olimpija Ljubljana. It took only six minutes till Kitzbühel opened the scoring. Martin Gran scored the first goal for his team in this season. Kitzbühel controlled the game and created the better chances, but didn’t manage to increase the lead for a longer period. Also the second period seemed to end without goals, but Kitzbühel succeeded with a double strike. First Olegs Sislannikovs striked for the 2:0, then Martin Gran celebrated his second goal oft he night. Also in the final period the shots of Kitzbühel found their way very late. It was the 57th minute, when Henrik Hochfilzer decided the game with the 4:0. Fabian Nußbaumer finally created the result of 5:0.

WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan - HC Neumarkt Riwega 7:2
First and big victory of Sterzing that overcame Neumarkt without problems. The hosts played better the first few minutes of the game. The Broncos goal was in the air and it came from a nice combination of Dino Felicetti for Ivan Deluca who took advantage of the Sterzing after 4 minutes. Minutes after minutes, Egna reorganized its game as they grew action after action. Ondrej Nedved scored the equalizer with a wrist shot from the distance. Then in the last minutes of the period Neumarkt failed to score in powerplay (crossbar of Wieser) and the period ended in tie (1-1). The key of the second period was the powerplay as the match literally took off. During the period of one-man advantage, Broncos scored two goals. After one minutes there was a goal Matthias Mantinger after a rebound. In the middle Broncos advanced with another powerplay goal of Daniel Erlacher in the scrum. During the third period the hosts annihilated the opponents with other three goals made by foreign players: Zdenek Bahensky, Giffen Nyren e Ben Duffy.

HC Pustertal Wölfe - S.G. Cortina Hafro 2:5
Cortina scored five goals during the third period as they won in Bruneck. There was a lot of rivalry between the two teams and rhythms and intensity was already very high to be the second match of the season. The start of the game was on the side of the Bruneck who then succeeded to score with a lucky deflection of David Laner with knee. During the second part of the period, Cortina reacted as they brought more dangers to Thomas Tragust's net but the hosts resisted until the first whistle. During the second period the game was always fun e very fought. The lightweight supremacy of yellow-black team was accentuated with the goal from the blue line of Armin Helfer in powerplay in the middle for the 2th point of Bruneck. Then until to the end of the period it was another reaction of the Cortina but the goalie Thomas Tragust and the Val Pusteria defended their net very well. But during the third period the guests literally transformed the game as they scored five goals. Zach Torquato's goal come in penalty killing to half the disadvantage. Then Cortina found the right way to overcome the yellow-black defense with effective counterattack. Diego Iori tied in the middle of the third period. Bruneck was in blackout. After 53 minutes Edoardo Caletti, Zachary Torquato and Riley Brace made 3 goals in a short time. Cortina was still a nightmare for Wolves after the playoff of the last season.

Rittner Buam - Red Bull Hockey Juniors 7:1
The Rittner Buam won clearly the first home game against Red Bulls. Despite five absences, Collalbo's team has taken over the lead with Oscar Ahlström (powerplay goal). The Swedish striker has a special feeling with the formation of Salzburg. In fact, Ahlström has scored in the both games of last season. Salzburg also created good goal opportunities, but Killeen saved everthing.

At the beginning of the middle period Renon doubled with forward Alex Frei. After 34 minutes of play, Oscar Ahlström marked again (3:0). During the third time, Salzburg shortened the distance with Tobias Eder, but only 163 seconds later Alex Frei brought his team to the triple advantage again. Ten minutes from the final whistle, Alex Frei maked his hat-trick. But the Rittner Buam continued their domain. Dan Tudin (in powerplay) and Simon Kostner fixed the result for 7:1 for the italian team.

HC Fassa Falcons - FBI VEU Feldkirch 3:2
The Falcons won the first match of the season thanks to the goal in the final of the match of Manuel Da Tos. The Fassa managed to score in the only powerplay of the first period with a nice shot of Devin Di Diomete after a pass by Eetu Heikkinen. The Feldkirch, however, failed to score despite four powerplays in his favor. This was the difference in the first period that saw a Fassa to control the penalty killing situations very well.
During the second period, Devin Di Diomete was still in the lead with powerplay goal. But it was immediately the reaction of the VEU who succeeded in balancing with Marcel Witting (the lone powerplay goal for the Feldkirch) and then with Stefan Wiedmaier. Austrian team was so near for overtaking but they didn’t score again. The Fassa defended well even during the third time and when missing two minutes to the end they surpassed the opponents with the flash of Manuel Da Tos.

Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey - EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau 2:3 SO
The Lustenau won after the shootout in Asiago after a very exciting third period finish. The first period was dominated by Asiago, which closed in the lead for 1:0. The only goal of the period was Anthony Bardaro, with a beautiful slap at the crossbar that surpassed the opposing goalkeeper Lukas Schluderbacher. During the second the game changed completely The match became very physical and balanced. Lustenau scored the tie with Dmitry Malgin during a powerplay action with a shot in the traffic in the front of Frederic Cloutier's net. Then the game remained open in the result until two minutes to the end of third period when everything happened. Dominik Oberscheider scored the goal for the Lions of Vorarlberg. But just after 20 seconds Asiago reacted with a shot of Phil Pietroniro. The match went to the overtime where neither of the two teams could place the winning shot also for the good saves of austrian goalie. Then Maximilian Wilfan marked the decisive penalty for the away win of Lustenau.

Alps Hockey League, 2nr round, 16.09.2017:

16.09.2017, EC Bregenzerwald - HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 0:3 (0:2, 0:1, 0:0)
Referees: LEGA, VIRTA, Stefenelli, Terragni
Goals JES: Pispanen (4. Magovac-Kalan, 21. Kalan-Stojan), Logar (9.),

16.09.2017, EK Zeller Eisbären – EC-KAC II 4:3 (2:2, 0:1, 2:0)
Referees: DURCHNER, LENDL, Bärnthaler, Lega
Goals EKZ: Tapio (6. Widen-Laine), Herzog (13./pp1. Wilfan-Dinhopel), Schernthaner (47. Vala-Krammer), Vala (57. Laine)
Goals KA2: Kreuzer (4. Kurath-Obersteiner; 38./pp1 Kurath-Obersteiner), Rodiga (18./pp1 Kernberger)

16.09.2017, EC 'Die Adler' Stadtwerke Kitzbühel - HK Olimpija Ljubljana 5:0 (1:0, 2:0, 2:0)
Referees: FAJDIGA, RUETZ, Kainberger, Rezek
Goals KEC: Gran (7. Protcenko-Hochfilzer; 40. Hochfilzer-Nußbaumer), Sislannikovs (40. Lenes), Hochfilzer (57. Lidström-Nußbaumer), Nußbaumer (58. Eriksson-Lenes)

16.09.2017, WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan - HC Neumarkt Riwega 7:2 (1:1; 3:1; 3:0)
Referees: MOSCHEN, STRASSER, Bedana, Kalb
Goals Sterzing: 1:0 I.Deluca (4./L.Felicetti); 2:1 Mantinger (21./PP1/J.Sotlar-D.Erlacher); 3:1 D.Erlacher (31./PP1/Bahensky-Sotlar); 4:2 I.Deluca (38.Gabri-Nyren); 5:2 Bahensky (44./PP1/Hackhofer-Sotlar); 6:2 Nyren (45./Deanesi-Duffy); 7:2 Duffy (56./PP1/Nyren);
Goals Neumarkt: 1:1 Nedved (11./Muzik-K.Zucal); 3:2 Nedved (34./Muzik-H.Oberrauch);

16.09.2017, 20:00: HC Pustertal Wölfe - S.G. Cortina Hafro 2:5 (1:0; 1:0; 0:5)
Referees: LESNIAK, PIANEZZE, De Zordo, Snoj
Goals Pustertal: 1:0 D.Laner (4./S.Berger-A.De Lorenzo Meo); 2:0 Helfer (30./PP1/S.Ringrose-E.Johansson)
Goals Cortina: 2:1 Torquato (42./SH1/Brace-Manning); 2:2 Iori (49./Caletti-R.Lacedelli); 2:3 Caletti (53./De Biasio-M.Zanatta); 2:4 Torquato (54./PP1/De Biasio-Iori); 2:5 Brace (54./Torquato);

16.09.2017, Rittner Buam - Red Bull Hockey Juniors 7:1 (1:0; 2:0; 4:1)
Referees: KAMSEK, MISCHIATTI, Arlic, Wiest
Goals Rittner Buam: 1:0 O. Ahlström (5./PP1/S.Kostner-Borgatello); 2:0 A.Frei (22./PP1/ V.Ahlström – O. Ahlström); 3:0 O. Ahlström (34./V. O. Ahlström); 4:1 Frei (45.); 5:1 Frei (50.); 6:1 Tudin (56./PP1/Traversa); 7:1 S.Kostner (58./ V. Ahlström);
Goals Red Bulls: 3:1 Eder (42./Schreier)

16.09.2017, 20:00: HC Fassa Falcons - FBI VEU Feldkirch 3:2
Referees: MORI, WALLNER, P. Giacomozzi, F. Giacomozzi
Goals Fassa: 1:0 Di Diomete (7./PP1/Monferone-Heikkinen); 2:0 Di Diomete (22./PP1/Zanet-Monferone); 3:2 Da Tos (58./Bustreo-Klimicek);
Goals: Feldkirch: 2:1 Witting (23./PP1/Stanley-Birnstill); 2:2 Wiedmaier (24./Draschkowitz-Winzing);

Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey - EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau 2:3 S.O. (1:0, 0:1, 1:1. 0:0)
Referees: BENVEGNU, LAZZERI, Egger, Rigoni
Goals Asiago: 1:0 Bardaro (6./Rosa-Miglioranzi); 2:2 P,Pietroniro (58./Scandella-Nigro);
Goals Lustenau: 1:1 Malgin (21./PP1/P.Winzig-Stasny); 1:2 Oberscheider (58./Hrdina-Koczera); 2:3 M.Wilfan (65./SO);

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